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The Village of South Elgin embraces growth without losing our small town roots. We continue to enjoy safe neighborhoods, open-space along the Fox River, fishing spots, bike paths, community festivals and little league baseball on summer nights. We are award-winning parks, outdoor family movie nights and proud to call South Elgin home.

And as we’ve grown, we’ve actually become a stronger community. There are more reasons than ever to live, work and play in South Elgin. Entrepreneurs and light industrial parks continue to create a thriving economy, new housing developments are under construction in every corner of the Village. Restaurants and retailers along Randall Road attract regional customers. Our Village Center has new sidewalks and streetlights, and in 2020 it will boast a beautiful outdoor sound stage and pavilion. We love our state-of-the-art high schools, strong neighborhood schools, Gail Borden Library branch and offering a great community for everyone – whether you’re a resident of 30 years, 3 years, 3 months or just visiting us for an afternoon.

-Village President, Steve Ward