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Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA)
The Freedom of Information Act, 5 ILCS 140/1 et seq., is a State statute providing for public access to government records and information. The Act allows for the inspection of records maintained by the Village of South Elgin. The Act also provides for exemptions of certain secure information. The Village's Rules and Regulations provides comprehensive instructions for obtaining Village public records.

Freedom Of Information ACT Requests
The Village will respond to any  request to inspect, copy, or certify public records within five business days after it is received, unless an extension of time is determined necessary. The Village will respond to any request made for commercial purposes within 21 business days after it is received. Requests for information governed by specific statutes will be provided in accordance with such statutes. Applicable fees for copies, certification, or mailing of public records must be paid prior to receiving the requested documents.

Two FOIA Records Request Forms: One for General Information and One for Police Matters
The navigation bar includes options to submit a general FOIA request to the Village of South Elgin as well as a specific South Elgin Police Department FOIA request. Please use the SEPD FOIA Request Form for any files being requested from the police department (i.e. copies of police reports, video/audio files, tickets, etc.).