The Village encourages the hosting of special events as a great way to provide attractions and activities that foster a sense of community. A special event permit application is required when;
•    a larger event is located on public or private property that exceeds 100 participants;
•    has street closures; requires posting of “no parking, tow zones” on Village streets; 
•    closure of more than 25% of Village or private parking facilities; 
•    deemed to significantly impact the Village or its operations, as determined by the Chief of Police.  

Block Parties are not considered Special Events for purposes of a Special Events Permit.  Applications for a Block Party can be found here.  For events not meeting the criteria of a special event, a Temporary Use/Temporary Structures Permit may be required by the Village’s Community Development Department, and can be found here.  

For assistance in determining whether an event requires a Special Event Permit, please contact the Parks and Recreation Department at 847-622-0003.  

The permit processing fee is for a Special Event Permit Application is $50 (check or money order made payable to the Village of South Elgin).  Applications will not be processed until the processing fee is paid in full. The Special Event Permit fee will be determined at time of approval and must be paid in full prior to issuance.

The Village of South Elgin reserves the right to cancel any event at any time for reasons deemed necessary by the Village, including (but not limited to) severe/dangerous weather; failure to submit require forms, insurance documentation, hold harmless agreements and/or permission from property owner granting permission for use of private property or permission from other governmental entities granting permission for use of that governmental entity’s property.  

Contact the South Elgin Parks and Recreation Department at 847-622-0003 for more information and to initiate the Special Events Permit Application process.